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Automation will be a key driver in the success of global oyster farming over the coming years. Oyster farmers already invested in automated grading and bagging operations have experienced significant labour cost savings and elevated productivity.

The financial and time savings have trickled into the entire business operation. With digital monitoring applications becoming more mainstream, the oyster farming community is experiencing significant change to the traditional labour-intensive methods that accompanied oyster farming in the past.

SED Graders has been working with oyster farmers worldwide for over 20 years.

We continue to evolve our technology and engineering methods to keep pace with the industry and innovate advanced systems of grading, bagging and treating overcatch that have positive impacts for our customers. Our vision grader has a reputation as the world’s best in automated grading and bagging solutions.

Key benefits of switching to automated oyster grading

Labour costs and labour supply are essential factors in most commercial oyster farming operations. We initially designed the SED Graders vision grader to alleviate labour costs.

With a contracted labour market over the past three years, automating the grading process has addressed the challenge of labour shortages. Farmers can operate the machine single-handedly at any time that suits the farming enterprise.

It can process up to 28,800 oysters per hour, a task that would require 13 experienced graders to perform. For any farm, efficient volume grading with minimal labour costs, higher accuracy and enhanced product consistency make measurable contributions to financial stability and profitability.

The automated grading process is fast, providing increased speed to market. The patented camera system is extremely accurate and precision grades oysters with enhanced consistency leading to increased reputational value for the farm.

The vision grader can be fully customised and integrated to suit the farm’s volume and requirements. SED Graders has a full portfolio of customised options, including oyster baggers, conveyors, hoppers, bin tippers and bulk bins, washers and rotary drum water filters and recycle tanks.

SED Graders has a 100% strike rate in solving problems remotely. We employ TeamViewer software for remote video diagnostics. This allows us to identify a problem quickly and provide a quick and effective resolution.

Our remote video diagnostic support has successfully conquered language barriers, time zones and the trickiest of situations to deliver fast and efficient solutions.

If you are considering automating your grading process, now is a great time to talk with our technical specialists and get professional and experienced advice.

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SED Graders Australian and family-owned

SED Graders is an Australian and family-owned company. We provide worldwide after-sales support and fully train you to use and optimise the vision grader for maximum output.

Contact us for any questions. When your farm is considering a SED Graders oyster grading machine or upgrading your current machine with an overcatch treatment bath, we can advise the perfect solution tailored to your needs.


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