Hamish Brown

Service Technician - Hamish Brown

Service Technician

Born and bred in Tasmania, Hamish loves his oysters and he certainly knows the working of our SED Graders like the back of his hand. As a long-time team member, Hamish has seen our graders develop and improve with each iteration. He knows them so well because he’s one of the skilled technicians who manufactures and assembles all of our machines right here in our purpose-built workshop.

Hamish is also responsible for delivering and installing our graders and machinery on location at oyster farms around the world. He’s well versed in training farmers and producers in using the new machines.

Hamish understands that the new technology can be a challenge for some farmers but finds that after a few short days his clients are confident enough to go it alone with their new graders.

“It’s not unusual for farmers to find the new machines a little overwhelming at first,” says Hamish. “But because our graders are simple to run, most farmers take to them very quickly and in a couple of days they generally seem quite comfortable.”

Part of Hamish’s role is ensuring that every grader is set up to the exact specifications of its new owner. And he has a tried and true teaching method to make sure they can hit the ground running.

“I talk them through the process and then we run a few programs which we call recipes. This is how we set up the machine in the way that best suits the farmer’s needs. Then we’ll do some testing and when everything’s going well, I’ll send them off to have a cup of tea. Then I’ll mess up all the setting so when they come back, they have to fix it – but I’ll be there to guide them if they get into trouble.”

For Hamish, making that extra effort to show farmers how easy it is to reset the graders is time well spent if it means they feel confident about using the new technology.

And when Hamish isn’t working on our graders or assisting our clients, he loves to get out hiking in the beautiful National Parks of Tasmania.


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