Tanita Jacobs

SED - Tanita Jacobs

Administration and Purchasing

Tanita loves being organised, and that makes her the perfect person to be in charge of purchasing and supporting our clients with spare parts. With a background in retail, working in the hardware department, Tanita definitely knows her bolts from her washers and everything in between.

In fact, Tanita is proud that the spare parts system is in the best shape it’s ever been in, with each client’s file meticulously noting all of the important details pertaining to the SED Graders and equipment they run. This allows Tanita and the team to quickly and efficiently dispense spare parts for all our SED Graders and equipment to our clients, worldwide.

For Tanita, one of the most enjoyable parts of her job is working with a great group of people. She also loves the company’s culture, especially the team’s approach to solving problems.

“If there’s an issue, we like to go around and talk about it and work out a way of overcoming the problem,” explains Tanita. “As a team, our opinions are always taken into consideration.”

When Tanita’s not sorting out spare parts and purchasing new ones, she loves being outdoors, camping or playing with her new puppy. You might even catch her enjoying an oyster or two – but only served kilpatrick!


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